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RE: Quality of Daytona MIG?

Subject: RE: Quality of Daytona MIG?
From: "Lee Daniels," <>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 12:56:37 -0500 (CDT)
>Has anyone here had any experiences with the company and their products,
>both good and negative?

I've had a the Pocket MIG from Daytona for a couple of years now, and, for
the very light work that I've done, have been happy with it.  It's
certainly not heavy-duty construction, but it's small enough to sit on the
floorboard.  It welds sheet metal very effectively.  The two lower heat
settings are fine for auto body work; a friend used it to weld some 1/4"
angle iron and found that the highest setting was just barely hot enough to
get good penetration.  The controls are simple, and you can start the gas
flow before you actually start to weld by just slightly pulling the
trigger.  The wire feed speed is easy to adjust (knob on the front),
although I've bumped it a couple of times enough to change the speed
without knowing it and couldn't figure out for a while why my welds were so

You wouldn't want this little guy for daily use, but for the few-times-a-
year kind of light work that I do, it's great for me.

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