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Re: Recommendations for an electric grinder/cut-off wheel?

To: (Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing)
Subject: Re: Recommendations for an electric grinder/cut-off wheel?
From: Brian Kelley <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 11:28:31 EDT
Mike Lee writes:

> The general conensus seems to be to get one from either Sears or
> Harbor Freight.  Looking through my piles of catalogs, I saw
> some relatively cheap ($25-40) angle grinders from Chicago Electric.

I and most of my friends use the Makita 4" side cutting grinder.  They
work very, very well.  I agree with the other poster that these are a
must-have for metal working (and so is the ear protection!!).

I've found that the 3" cup style rope wire brushes are also very
useful, and somewhat dangerous..  They will also remove soft tissue
like you wouldn't believe.

> They look good for grinding, but can I also
> cut with them? 

You can cut with them.

> One of the big things I need to do is to trim back
> the flares and fenders, and I'd rather cut than grind it off.

Good aviation shears may be one of the best tools for what you describe.
Get the offset style that keeps your hand out of the work/cuttter path.

You can cut with the side grinders, but it isn't usually the most efficient
method.  A thin cutoff wheel mounted on a die grinder is typically a 
better choice.  I like the 1/32" thick x 4" wheels.

Not all cutoff wheels are created equal.  Some work/wear much better
than others..  Try a few to find one you like.

> I'm more familar with the air grinder/cutter, where the shaft for
> the disc is in the same axis as the body of the tool.  The Sears
> catalog has one for $75, but it is listed as a 1/4 rotary grinder;

Those are okay, though not as good as the Makita.

> again, no mention of cutting capability, or listing of any cutting
> discs.  The remainder of their offering are similar in design to
> the Harbor Freight ones.

Those supplies are generic, so don't expect to find many quality
abrassives in a Sears catalog.  Go to a welding supply shop or one of
the big industrial houses - MSC, Production Tool, etc.


Not speaking for Ford.

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