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RE: Recommendations for an electric grinder/cut-off wheel?

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Subject: RE: Recommendations for an electric grinder/cut-off wheel?
From: Mark Miller <>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 14:48:16 -0700

From:   Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing[]
I'm looking for some recommendations on an electric grinder/cutoff, similar
to the 3"-4" air ones that are pretty common.  I have access to an air 
but the compressor is a bit small, and would need to run constantly.  Given
that I live in an apt, and will probably need to do much of this work late
in the evenings, my neighbors will probably not tolerate it.I'd like to 
keep the cost low,

I bought one of the 4" $25 Chicago Electric ones from harbor Freight Tools 
(800)423-2567.  It's not at all a bad tool to use.  Note that it (like all 
grinders, but the cheaper ones more so) is quite loud.  The neighbors won't 
like it that much more than a compressor.

If this is a one time thing before you get a good air tools you might also 
consider renting a grinder or a bigger compressor instead.

Oh yeah, a good face shield with goggles underneath plus some ear 
protection is really important.

Mark Miller

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