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Re: Recommendations for an electric grinder/cut-off wheel?

Subject: Re: Recommendations for an electric grinder/cut-off wheel?
From: "John Loftin" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 96 18:17:19 EST
          I have a 4" side grinder I purchased from Sears 7 years ago 
          and it is still going strong.  I know Sears quality is not 
          what it once was, but I am amazed that little grinder still 
          works as well as the day I bought it.  It was the best use 
          of $65 dollars I ever spent.
          I have used it to:
          Cut 3/8" thick rear axle tubes. (Chevy pickup)
          Wire brush floor pans
          Cut sheet metal
          Grind a piece of railroad track into a home-made anvil
          Cut more angle iron than I can remember
          The head has gotten so hot you could not touch it with your 
          bare hand.  If any electric hand tool is a "must have,"  the 
          electric side grinder would be second after a hand drill.
          Keep in mind, they are LOUD!!!  Wear ear protection!  It is 
          a MUST!

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Subject: Recommendations for an electric grinder/cut-off wheel?
Author:  Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <> at smtp
Date:    9/19/96 05:46 PM

Hi all,
I'm looking for some recommendations on an electric grinder/cutoff, similar 
to the 3"-4" air ones that are pretty common.  I have access to an air tool, 
but the compressor is a bit small, and would need to run constantly.  Given 
that I live in an apt, and will probably need to do much of this work late 
in the evenings, my neighbors will probably not tolerate it.
I bought an used set of steel fender flares.  The work I need to do is to 
cut/grind off the remmants of the original fender, and to cut back the 
fenders that are presently on the car to match the flare.  In addition,
I plan on using the tool to cut back several rusted areas within the car 
in preparation for some patch panels.
I'd like to keep the cost low, as I'll be relying more on the air tools 
once I get into a house.  I'd appreciate any recommendations for brand 
and model, and especially any stores (mail order is fine) that carry 
them.  BTW, I am local to the Portland OR area.
Thanks in advance,

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