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Re[2]: Metal Lathes

To: (Chris Kantarjiev),,
Subject: Re[2]: Metal Lathes
From: "Dunst, Mordecai" <>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 96 15:42:02 pst
Buying anything is easy if you have green backs to spare.  If you don't wish 
to part with a lot of these-- shopping, time and serendipity are often 
For instance I just bought a Bridgeport Milling machine for $400.00.  
Regarding a Small "garage type" lathe.  Look for a 4" Southbend.  I say this 
because lots of schools have used these and are now stuck with less money to
run their machine shop classes -in Los Angeles there is a place that is 
selling  these.  These units and some smaller units(3") are
available.  Often, the transportation is more costly than the unit.  Look 
to spend about $1,000.00.   Contact machinery surplus vendors.  They usually
go to auctions and pay a penny a pound for the stuff and turn around and 
try to sell it at an enormous markup.  Offer them much less.

good luck 
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Subject: Re:  Metal Lathes
Author: (John T. Blair) at INTERNET
Date:    9/4/96 6:48 PM

At 02:40 PM 9/4/96 -0700, Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
> I'm consodering bying a metal lathe for my garage. 
>The general opinion is that old but not worn US made machines are 
>much better than any of the new imports.
Not to mention that a used US machine can be cheaper.  Our 15"er 
is a old 1906 line lathe with an electric motor on top to turn 
the drum.
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