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Re: Metal Lathes

Subject: Re: Metal Lathes
From: (Chris Kantarjiev)
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 15:49:12 -0700
        Not to mention that a used US machine can be cheaper.  Our 15"er
        is a old 1906 line lathe with an electric motor on top to turn
        the drum.

Absolutely. I was going to say "but you have to know what to look for
to make sure you get a good deal" ... and you do. But you also have
to know much of the same to set up your new Grizzly or Jet and
make it a usable tool.

Read the newsgroup and take a community college machining course to learn
how to use a lathe and what to look for. Decide what kind of jobs
you want to do and how often, to get a sense of how big a machine 
you need/want, and with what kind of tooling and accessories.

*Then* go shopping.

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