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Metal Lathes

Subject: Metal Lathes
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 17:32:12 -0400
I'm consodering bying a metal lathe for my garage.  I have been looking at
the Grizzly imports 9"x19" or 12" x 24" Gear-Head, Gap Bed Lathes.  I've also
looked at the ENCO lathes, and have also considered buying a used lathe like
a Southbend or Logan.  Has anyone had any experiance with the imports like
Grizzly or Enco?  I have purchased a wood lathe from Grizzly and have been
very satified with it although it's not as pretty as name brand machine.  Any
net wisdom would be very helpfull since the $1K - $2K involved is a major
expence for me.

                                               John Ross

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