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Re: Steel Shops

Subject: Re: Steel Shops
From: "Roger Garnett" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 08:15:01 -500
On  6 Apr 96 at 18:50, wrote:

> I have had three bids on my "dream garage,"...the following are my specs
> that I gave to the builders:
> 30' X 40'
> 12' walls (to accommodate the lift I plan to install)
> shingle roof w/ 16" overhang all around+ fascia
> steel ceiling inside (white)
> 3 windows, double pane for insulation properties
> hole in wall for air conditioner :-)
> 1 16' garage type insulated door
> 1 entrance door w/ window
> Building fully insulated for winter use
> 4" cement slab, except where my lift is going to be placed...has to be 6" 
> All of the bids range between $12,200 and $14,500, complete.

Sounds good, haven't gotten too much worse since I built mine 6 years ago-
24x40, 12' ceiling for my lift.

-Don't forget the site. I resurected an old bulldozer, and did my own grading, 
then I just had the shell built- it went up in about 3 days, for about less 
than $5K. (May)

I then preped & poured the 6" floor with help from some friends and a few 
six-packs. Somewhere around $1200+ for all materials, & power float rental.

I then installed a 10x10, 12x10, and an entry door. Then, I wired the whole 
thing, built interior walls, insulated & sheet rocked the first 1/2. (December 
by now...) 

Finished the other walls later. Next time, I'd make it at least 30' deep as
well- the Suburban just fits in. Also, consider a split roof line- you
probably only need 12' ceiling in the 1/2 where the lift is. 

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