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re: Air Tools

Subject: re: Air Tools
From: "john (j.r.) soucie" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 12:42:00 -0500
>...I've found that the "el cheapo" tools, within their limitations, =
>seem to hold up very well, ...

>>This what I think. At some time, I considered buying a "complete" set at =
>>Club Price for about 150$ canadian, but that seems to be too cheap to be =
>>true :)

I wouldn't waste my time with that kit. I saw it this weekend at Price
Club and it's not worth it. You can do just as good at Canadian Tire
if you get stuff on sale. The air tools are alwyas going on sale every
few weeks. You just have to wait until the one you need goes on sale.

>>I have some Campbell Hausfeld stuff, and it seems to work OK, but....

 I think it's O.K. stuff for hobby use. The thing that people don't
consider when they keep saying to get Snap-On or any other pro tool
is that the air consumption for these pro tools is so high compared
to the Campbell Hausfield(and others) hobby tools that most smaller
3HP or less compressors will barely run them. A C-H could require 3CFM
and the equivalent SnapOn could take 6-8CFM. Sure it depends on the
particular tool but I have found some of the differences shocking.
For example, you could never get any Dual Action sander in a pro
model that would even remotly run on a 3HP compressor but the cheap
C-H unit....just might. Same goes for the air file. Sure, they will
have lots less power than the pro ones but at least they will work.
If you get a 5HP/60 gallon unit minimum then you should be O.K.

>still don't know what brand of compressor I will buy. Is there a FAQ = 
>that could help me choose?

Surprisingly, Price Club has GREAT deals on Devilbliss compressors.
You can get the 5HP/60 gallon unit for CAN$550 and it lookes good.
It's the vertical unit that runs on 220V. They have a horizontal unit
that I think they claimed was 5HP with very high CFM ratings for $450
but I beleive it ran on 110V (5HP that possible) with a
30 gallon tank. The 5HP/60gallon one is the one to get. Devilbliss
makes all the pro paint guns and I beleive these are good machines.
I have a Sears 3.5HP/25gallon model and the salesmen told me all
Sears compressors are made by Devilbliss. My compressor is just barely
adequate most times and if I had 220V in the shop I would have got
the bigger one. 

Good Luck

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