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Re: Air tools

To: Gaetan Corneau <>
Subject: Re: Air tools
From: "Richard George x 7247 (sun)" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 14:40:59 -0800

First of all, are these tools for home use, or what?  If you are talking
about home use, I've found that the "el cheapo" tools, within their
limitations, seem to hold up very well, but you have to be prepared
to deal with their weaknesses (a lot of the time they don't provide as
much torque as the equivalent "big dollar" tool, sort of klunky feel,
 etc.,.).  They also
don't seem to work as well as the more expensive brands, but they do
seem to get the job done...

I have some Campbell Hausfeld stuff, and it seems to work OK, but....

If you can't afford the mac or snap-on tools, you might look around for
some Ingersoll Rand ones - they seem to be a pretty good compromise...

I've never had a Chicago Pneumatic tool so I really can't comment on

Also, what tools are you looking for?  I find that most of the time
I use either the impact wrench, air ratchet, air hammer, air drill,
and blow gun for most of what I do (I've got a bunch of other air 
tools that sit most of the time...).  

You might check out some of the mailorder tool places if you dislike
the selection you are offered locally.  

Good Luck,

(Richard George)

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