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Air tools - Thanks!

To: "'Shop Talk'" <>
Subject: Air tools - Thanks!
From: Gaetan Corneau <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 09:26:23 -0500
Thanks for the answers to my air tools question.

Some precision:

>>First of all, are these tools for home use, or what?

Yes, home use. I drag race an '88 GT Mustang in summer.

>>...I've found that the "el cheapo" tools, within their limitations, =
seem to hold up very well, ...

This what I think. At some time, I considered buying a "complete" set at =
Club Price for about 150$ canadian, but that seems to be too cheap to be =
true :)

>>I have some Campbell Hausfeld stuff, and it seems to work OK, but....

I was thinking about this brand because it's very cheap (impact wrench =
is 45$ canadian) and service is very easy to get where I live. Chicago =
Pneumatic cost a little more, but are available everywhere too.

>>... look around for some Ingersoll Rand ones...

I will, but I have never heard about those (but I'm NOT a pro mechanic, =

>>Also, what tools are you looking for?

I didn't mention what I need because I didn't know the correct english =
names. I need an impact wrench (1/2"), air ratchet, and blow gun for =
now. I already have a very good Makita electric drill and a Campbell =
sandblast kit. The air hammer will come soon after (I'm buying a house =
with a 16' x 22' garage, so I won't have much money for a few months). I =
still don't know what brand of compressor I will buy. Is there a FAQ =
that could help me choose?

Thanks again for your help!

Gaetan C.
Quebec City

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