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Re: Welders

Subject: Re: Welders
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 1996 06:24:15 EST
-- [ From: Bob Nogueira * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

George;  Our first Christmas my wife bought me a MIG welder that I had
been lusting over for some time. It was a cheap Italian job out of the
Harbour freight catalog. Up till then my local welder and I had become
good friends ( but then why not, I was paying to send his kid to
college). Since then that little welder has saved me more money and
given me more freedom than any major tool I have.
 Most of my welding is on 22 gauge sheet metal.  No lessons, just a
couple of books and I was off and running.   
   My biggest surprise came the first time I welded quarter inch plate.
Having learned on 22 g  and gotten pretty good at it,  I was afraid the
little tyke wouldn't do well on the heave stuff. Boy was I shocked! 
Not only did it weld it but hey, its a lot easier when you don't have
to worry about burning holds through your work!
   My unit has 4 amp settings and I sometimes wish it was the type with
a variable amp control. I frequently find, esp on the 22g stuff, that
one setting is to low and the next higher is too hot.
   Every time I use that little MIG, or any of the other tools my great
wife as    bought me, I make it a point to go in and kiss her.  ( HMMMM,
maybe that's why she keeps   buying me more and more tools).

Bob Nogueira
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> Date: Monday, 05-Feb-96 11:03 AM
> From: Gorman George            \ Internet:    (
> To:   Bob Nogueira             \ PRODIGY:     (NKED65A)
> Subject: Welders
> Anybody have any experience (good or bad) with the new relatively
> inexpensive  ($300 - $500) 120v or 220v MIG welders you can get from
> Lincoln, TiP, etc.?   I'm getting tired of farming out small welding
> and one of these puppies  seems to fit the bill, but I have this
> suspicion that they may not have  the quality and/or adjustibility I
> need.  Most of my jobs are with thin  stuff (sheet metal, etc.).  I
> the heavy duty structural welding to the  pros.
> George Gorman

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