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TD Brake Update

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Subject: TD Brake Update
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Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 21:00:05 -0400
Okay, I feel like an idiot.................but that's nothing new. When
a veterinarian tries to become an LBC mechanic, what do you expect?
I removed the master cylinder this evening, took it apart for
inspection, meticulously put it back together, and then tried to force
fluid back into the MC using a large syringe. (Yes, I used to work on
horses and cows, too.) No go. All I managed to do was blow back fluid
all over myself. Then I got out an old MC core that I have........very
rusty and inspected the fluid chamber. Lo and behold, I saw not one, but
two orifices where only one is visible on the MC I am using. Yes the
return port is completely corroded shut!. No wonder I can't get fluid
return and the brake pressure switch stays on all the time!
So, I took a small drill bit and poked around until I found the hole. It
was really quite invisible, even with my newly necessary reading
glasses. Looking into the piston chamber, the wall of the sleeve looks
as smooth as a baby's behind except for the fluid supply hole. I'll
swear there is not even a dimple. Therefore my question:
Does the return port go straight from the fluid chamber into the piston
sleeve, or does it open somewhere else? The one picture I found of the
internal setup of the MC in the workshop manual seems to show that it is
just a straight shot. But before I do permanent damage to an otherwise
clean (?) MC, I just wanted to check with you guys!
Thanks again...........and I wouldn't blame anyone for flaming me on
this one.
Bill Snyder
'53 TD

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