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Re: TD Brake Update

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Subject: Re: TD Brake Update
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Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 18:16:14 -0700

If I had a nickel for every time I did something "silly" I would be a rich 
man. The best way to learn is either from your own mistakes or, better yet, 
from someone else's. I will bet that you will not make that "mistake" again. 
And because you have reported on it you may have saved others from the same 
fate. Thank you for your candor.

1950 MGTD
1954 MGTF
1959 MGA Coupe
1974 MGB GT

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> Okay, I feel like an idiot.................but that's nothing new. When
> a veterinarian tries to become an LBC mechanic, what do you expect?
> I removed the master cylinder this evening, took it apart for
> inspection, meticulously put it back together, and then tried to force
> fluid back into the MC using a large syringe. (Yes, I used to work on
> horses and cows, too.) No go. All I managed to do was blow back fluid
> all over myself. Then I got out an old MC core that I have........very
> rusty and inspected the fluid chamber. Lo and behold, I saw not one, but
> two orifices where only one is visible on the MC I am using. Yes the
> return port is completely corroded shut!. No wonder I can't get fluid
> return and the brake pressure switch stays on all the time!
> So, I took a small drill bit and poked around until I found the hole. It
> was really quite invisible, even with my newly necessary reading
> glasses. Looking into the piston chamber, the wall of the sleeve looks
> as smooth as a baby's behind except for the fluid supply hole. I'll
> swear there is not even a dimple. Therefore my question:
> Does the return port go straight from the fluid chamber into the piston
> sleeve, or does it open somewhere else? The one picture I found of the
> internal setup of the MC in the workshop manual seems to show that it is
> just a straight shot. But before I do permanent damage to an otherwise
> clean (?) MC, I just wanted to check with you guys!
> Thanks again...........and I wouldn't blame anyone for flaming me on
> this one.
> Bill Snyder
> '53 TD

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