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Re: virus alert

To: Bud Krueger <>
Subject: Re: virus alert
From: Ted Jackson <>
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 22:53:20 -0400
Bud Krueger wrote:

> Tell you what, Andy -- next time it comes back I'll forward a copy to 
> you.  I'd be delighted if it never shows up again.  I seem to recall 
> that its address is not simply  There are some 
> other characters after the mg-t part.  One of my  email filters looks 
> for the string 'mg-t' and sorts it into my 'mg-t' folder.  Its date is 
> something in 1997.  The coincidence factor is too great to discounts 
> its origin as someone on the mg-t list.
> Bud Krueger
> 52TD
> wrote:
>> In a message dated 5/6/2005 10:41:18 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, 
>> writes:
>>     Call it what you want, but it came back again a few moments ago. 
>>     It's a
>>     nuisance.  Its origin is Australia.  It has an attached file called
>>     ''.
>> ======
>> The "nuisance" part I certainly understand! But I'm not seeing it, 
>> either, which to me is further proof that it has nothing to do with 
>> this list even if the (undoubtedly spoofed) list address appears in 
>> the header.
>> --Andy Mace
The sending computer probably belongs to someone who receives email from 
the MG-T list and who also has those who receive the infected message in 
his/her address book  The sending machine is infected with the virus, 
and it is emailing itself to those in the infected machine's address 
book.  The from address is spoofed, and will sometimes (or perhaps 
always) be the MG-T list.  The list itself will not be involved in the 
transmission in any way.

I'm curious as to how a lister is certain that the source is Australia.  
The virii that I've tried to trace gnerally purport to be from somewhere 
in the far East., and even that is suspect.

Ted Jackson
Toronto, ON  CANADA

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