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RE: 53 TD - Oil Drip from "Flywheel Drain"

To: "mg-t" <>
Subject: RE: 53 TD - Oil Drip from "Flywheel Drain"
From: "Douglas Ormrod" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 09:43:03 +1200
As I am from the UK originally I owned British Cars through my teens and
early 20's and the all had the cotter pin below the flywheel  -  the purpose
of which is to keep the hole clear and the oil from getting on the clutch
(too much!)  - my two pence worth is to let you know that this fine example
of British Engineering has a name - it is called a Giggle Pin - yes really!
I would have though Jiggle Pin would be more appropriate - but perhaps not
technical enough sounding.


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