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Re: 53 TD - Oil Drip from "Flywheel Drain"

Subject: Re: 53 TD - Oil Drip from "Flywheel Drain"
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 22:18:02 EDT
You will surely get a ton of responses to the your query about the "famous" 
cotter pin.  (I once had a 'Vette owner turn down a purchase of a very nice 
MGfrom me because he would not believe the "cotter pin story").  

My contribution to this is only to tell you not to worry about renting a 
trans jack.  The TD gearbox only weighs about 80 lbs or so. A floor jack with 
wheels will give you enough trolly action to pull the box back and then you 
just lift it out. It comes out quite easily once you take out the seats and 
the wooden floorboards and the cover over the trans and bellhousing (that's 
the longest part of the job, but beats doing it the way the book says!).  
I've found the easiest way to put it back in is to have your wife, or maybe 
the guy next door, lay under the car.  You then hold the box like a baby, 
step through the frame of the car and set it down on the helper's chest.  
While assistant does a little bench press, technician #1 moves the gearbox 
forward and engages the shaft.  Voila!  

Another thought:  insufficient venting of the crankcase exacerbates the 
oil-into-the-bellhousing problem.  Be sure your draft tube is clear and 
extends down into the airflow under the engine.  And be sure you have a 
little suction on the valve cover by way of the vent hose into the air 

A "fix" I have used for about 20 years, is a collection of nested margerine 
cups.  When I pull into a clean driveway of someone who does not own British 
cars, I quick grab one of the cups and slide it under the cotter pin.  On 
leaving, I ask my host to kindly recycle it by pouring into the Honda, 
Hyundai, Kia, or whatever they are wasting their time with.  ;-)


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