More Complete Parts List

Lotus Twincam Engine (From Europa): $1,500

Currently disassembled awaiting choice of flywheel for balancing. Includes finished 1700 block and crank and "1700 kit" from Dave Bean. New pistons bearings and gaskets (also from Dave Bean). Head is a "Stromberg" head that is freshly rebuilt (die-checked and cc'ed). Includes all correct emissions bits and Stromberg carbs.

MGA 1600 engine: $899

Freshly rebuilt awaiting assembly. New crank, pistons, bearings, oil pump, and fresh head. Includes manifolds, starter etc.

MGA 1622 HRG racing engine: $999

Needs light overhaul and reassembly. Includes forged pistons, race cam, lightened flywheel, ported head, etc, etc, etc.

TR7 2 liter motor and automatic trans, unknown condition, $750

The above bits are actually just the tip of the iceberg. I also have a general assortment of other bits that I've not inventoried thoroughly enough to list specifically:

Used engines of unknown condition (TR7, TR6, TR4, GT6, MGB, Midget & Spit)

rebuildable cylinder heads good used gearboxes + many rebuildable cores

Thousands of NOS parts ranging from XPAG piston sets to TR7 electrics (Lucas, Girling, Vandervell, Aerolite, Beck-Arnley, MOWOG, etc)

Used and rebuilt starters, generators, alternators, smog-pumps & etc.

Used rear-ends/differentials, steering & suspension and brake components.

Two large boxes chock-full of used gauges and a few new ones.

Several SU and Stromberg carbs of various condition. Various Weber DCOE parts, new and used.

Limited supply of good body panels for TR3, TR4, TR6, Spitfire, MGB & Midget Good squaretail Spitfire bodys (2).

Shipping from Salt Lake City will be extra.