This is certainly NOT a complete list. Lots of new and used Triumph bits. If you need something not listed here, let me know.

Part Number Description Quan. Price (US $)
Kiezer 13 x 6 Spit/GT6 wheels 0 145.00 (special order)
Kiezer 15 x 6 TR wheels 0 160.00 (special order)
Kiezer 15 x 7 TR wheels 0 170.00 (special order)
Redline Lubricants
Redline SuperCool 12 7.00
Redline ATF 12 8.00
Redline MTL, qt. 12 7.00
Redline single weight race oils 0 (special order)
Redline multi weight race oils 0 (special order)
Earl's Plumbing Bits
Earl's Super Stock hose, -6 6 2.50
Earl's Super Stock hose, -6 6 2.50
Earl's SS hose ends, straight 6 4.00
Earl's SS hose ends, 45 deg. 6 17.00
Earl's -6 to Weber hose ends 2 28.00
Various Weber DCOE bits POA
14-JC-20Baseplate, SU HS619.00
JC20/40ITG Filter Element, 40mm45.00
Magnetic vinyl sheet, white only 2.50/sq. ft.
Triumph PartsAll New
105925T24 Lever shock link22.90
110470T23 outer tie rod assy, LH71.00
110471T23 outer tie rod assy, RH71.00
113570T34 Cyl. head stud, short10.00
125481S15G13 Link, RH anti-roll bar20.00
145008T36 needle bearing, gbox7.00
146129T26M67 Seal, gearbox rear3.50
200772T24 Ball joint42.25
58391T26 gbox bearing, mainshaft28.50
FSTH47T4 Fallcon SS downpipe60.00
FSTH48T4 Falcon SS front muffler75.00
GBH175T24G1 Brake Hose22.00
GHB110T36S15 Front hub bearing, outer10.75
GHB111T36S15 front hub bearing, inner10.75
GHK1021Front wheel bearing, Spitfire25.00
GHS110T26 Front hub seal3.95
GI64673476S13G1 rear wheel brake cylinder24.00
GTDS40/bBLKT4 fuzzy door seal, 100in32.50
AE20139/020S1500 piston, +02025.00
AEB4511SA/010S45 rod bearing, 0.01015.00
AEB4511SA/020S45 rod bearing, 0.02015.00
AEM3353SA/020S13 main bearing, 0.02015.00
RFK135Steering rack boot kit18.00
SAH606TR2-4 Front road spring, uprated42.00 ea.
Spax101TR4 fr shock, Spax 280.00
SP75GT26 rear gbox bearing11.95
UKC5334 Spit motor mount 26.50
VPC978Bearings, cam, tr645.00
VPM899S13 Main Bearing, 0.03025.00
TR4-6 Clutch cover55.00
Lucas NOS
LUS2113MGB Starter125.00
LU52945T6 Lamp, side/flasher65.00
LU52946T6 side/flasher lamp65.00
LU56615Spit 1500 LH rear lamp assy. 175.00
LU56725TR3 RH turn lamp 120.00
LU54252038Early Spit/GT6 starter armature 185.00
LU54579601TR6 side marker, LHR 110.00
LU54579603TR6 side marker lens, RHR 110.00
LU60600054Lucas field coil, NOS50.00
Stuff from the shed(All used, as is, where is, no warranty, etc.)
Spit 1500 bonnet, as is 3 100.00
Spit Mark 3 bonnet 3 125.00
TR6 bonnet, used 1 100.00
TR6 bonnet, used 1 75.00
TR250 boot lid, used 1 75.00
TR6 rear bumpers, early 4 75.00
TR6 front bumpers 2 85.00
TR4A-6 trailing arms 6 40.00
TR4 boot lid, used 1 75.00
Spit Mk 4 tub 1 100.00
Spit 1500 tub, '76 1 100.00
MGB 3 main motor, early, as is 1 100.00
Sunbeam 1725 motor, as is 1 100.00
TR-6 plastic hardtop 1 120.00
Various Engines

Lotus Twincam Engine (From Europa): $1,500

Currently disassembled awaiting choice of flywheel for balancing. Includes finished 1700 block and crank and "1700 kit" from Dave Bean. New pistons bearings and gaskets (also from Dave Bean). Head is a "Stromberg" head that is freshly rebuilt (die-checked and cc'ed). Includes all correct emissions bits and Stromberg carbs.

MGA 1600 engine: $1,000

Freshly rebuilt awaiting assembly. New crank, pistons, bearings, oil pump, and fresh head. Includes manifolds, starter etc.

MGA 1622 HRG racing engine: $1,200

Needs light overhaul and reassembly. Includes forged pistons, race cam, lightened flywheel, ported head, etc, etc, etc.

TR7 2 liter motor and automatic trans, unknown condition, $750


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