[TR] Alternator confusion

Ron L'Herault lherault at verizon.net
Tue Sep 28 21:46:49 MDT 2021

Ack!  So, none of the usual suppliers have any exact fit alternators listed
for the 1973 TR-6.  It has the large plug with three wires at 3 O'Clock and
the small single wire plug at around 7 O'Clock.  Advanced Auto now carries
rebuilt alternators for TR-6s but just seems to have one with the three wire
plug at 3 O'Clock Two large spade terminals and one smaller spade terminal.
Sooo, will this unit, which seems to be identical physically, replace the 4
wire unit?  If so, what do I do with the orphaned 4th wire and what exactly
is/was its function?  The wiring diagrams I've seen don't really help.  The
repair guide I read doesn't seem to help or I'm too dense to see it (a
distinct possibility since I am more of an R and R mechanic).  This is
driving me nuts.   HELLLLLP!


Ron L

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