[TR] Tr8 transmission or options

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 The T5 transmission is a very common swap.  A T5 5-speed from a V6 or V8 powered Camaro or GM pick-up will bolt up to the Rover engine but you will have to change the clutch assy.  The T5 is lighter and will handle more horse power and is available with a variety of gear ratios.  I seem to recall that a box from a V6 pickup will have a fifth gear with long legs giving you the most RPM reduction for cruising the highways.

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I urged a friend to buy a low mileage tr8 from another friend vs buy my hopped up (not finished) TR6. He sold his TR3 after his wife passed and was ready for a Triumph suited to his needs.
Awesome TR8....until first gear goes out. I feel horrible, but working the other friend for some assistance. 
Anyone out there have a tranny, a source, or a good alternative for the stock box?
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