[TR] Z175 Strombergs

Carl Sereda carlsereda at aol.com
Sun Sep 12 12:29:30 MDT 2021

 Hi Listers,I've never seen a performance comparison between SUs and Strombergs.. anyone?I did send Joe Curto (in NY) a pair of SU carb bodies (from my '63 Volvo 122S) and a pair of Stromberg carb bodies from my '63 TR4 for reshafting. To save expense I had stripped them down totally and upon their return with the new shaft bushings I rebuilt them.The whole time I was trying to figure out which was a better carburettor.They both had same build quality (IMO) and just cannot say one is better than the other..which leads me to my final thought Bill - why not just rebuild your Strommies? (Or have Joe Curto, Inc., or one of the other reputable shops do them)
Regards,Carl '63 TR4 since '74

TR4A: Can the Stromberg Z175 be replaced easily with the SU HS6?  Any hints
or tips appreciated.  
Bill B

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