[TR] Replacing u-joint: loose caps in yoke

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Might want to have the driveshaft balanced


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If you check a Triumph repair manual, the method of replacing the u-joint is by holding the yoke in your hand and tapping the shaft with a soft mallet.  Of course the retaining clips are removed.  The caps should come out fairly easily.  The interference between the cap and yoke is minimal.  I've used this method and was surprised of the ease.  I'd always pressed or used a more aggressive process in the past.  However, the yoke can wear and then the caps start to rotate, causing more wear.  Then the yoke should be replaced.  It's a good idea to index the caps with paint or something, to monitor if they rotate.  Then it's easy to check when your greasing the driveline and inspecting the u-joints.  In any case, have your drive shaft checked by an expert when in doubt. 

Dave H.  

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Hi list,


I’m replacing u-joints in the rear axles (TR4A). On one end I can slip two of the caps in by hand (one on the flange, one on the yoke).


Anyone here think I could get by here with some Loctite or similar to hold the cap in place?  Or am I looking for a replacement axle?


This is not a track car, but I prioritize reliability.







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