[TR] TR2 Rear Brake Drum/Axle Success - Kind Of

Tony Drews tony at tonydrews.com
Thu Sep 2 17:50:29 MDT 2021

Well, I'm not sure about the rear axle, but I'm glad I went to your 
Flickr album!  You've done a marvelous job, that's a gorgeous car!

I'm more familiar with the later axle, I suspect that the bearing is 
what's holding the axle into the housing.  You could try sticking the 
hub back on, put a nut on the end and bash on the hub with a rubber 
mallet or something that won't hurt the hub - maybe a piece of wood and 
a larger hammer?  This is JUST A GUESS, I'm looking forward to other 

Regards, Tony Drews

On 9/2/2021 6:12 PM, David Gunn wrote:
> Hi All - Thanks for the suggestions, they are all greatly 
> appreciated.  I liberally sprayed the offending drum with penetrating 
> oil.  Due to the smoke and ash from the wildfires, I couldn't get back 
> out to the shop for a couple of days.  But, when I did, it popped 
> right off!  I didn't see any signs of massive rust, so I am guessing 
> that it was just old oil, grease and misc road grime.  I will clean 
> everything real well before I put it back together.
> I then set about removing the axle shafts, as per the Service 
> Instruction Manual for the TR2. (3d Edition, 6th printing).  I am also 
> using the Haynes book for Triumphs. I have the earlier style of TR2 
> axle.  One interesting item to note:  when removing the nut and washer 
> on the left side, I found 3 shims behind the washer.  They were made 
> from a Budweiser can, so I know that they are not original. Emoji  Not 
> sure why, but I will probably put them back.  The left side is not the 
> side that was originally leaking.
> I dismantled the brakes, took out the 4 bolts holding the hub to the 
> axle casing, and expected to be able to just pull the axle shaft out, 
> as the manual says. But nothing budged.  I then pounded a thin paint 
> scraper between the hub and axle casing.  That was the only place that 
> I could see where it could come apart.  It did, and I removed the hub, 
> but no axle shaft.  The oil seal came out with the hub, but the wheel 
> bearings are still attached somehow.  The axle shaft  does spin, and 
> does push in and pull out about 1/4 inch, or less..  I thought the the 
> bearing and seal and hub needed to be pressed onto the axle shaft.
> I don't remember the specifics of replacing the oil seals previously.  
> Evidently, I ran into the same problem before, just installed the oil 
> seals, and then reassembled.
> In looking at the oil seal I just removed, it looks like part of it 
> has never seen any oil.  It is completely dry.  Yes, I have kept the 
> rear end full, and have greased the grease fitting.  Also, it does 
> appear that the wheel bearings have been replaced before (not by me), 
> as they are marked "made in the USA"  The reason I wanted to take the 
> axle shaft out is twofold:  1)  I like to follow instructions, and 
> that's what the manual said, and 2) I wanted to look at the wheel bearing.
> So, what am I doing wrong? Why doesn't the axle shaft just slide out, 
> as the manual says?  What am I missing?
> I have taken some pictures, and have uploaded them to my Flickr site, 
> in an album labeled "TR2".  They are at the end of the album.  I also 
> included pictures of the rear axle drawings and instructions from the 
> manual, plus "Service Diagnosis" (Troubleshooting).. The breather is, 
> and has been, clean.
> The link to that album is: TR2 
> <https://www.flickr.com/photos/dgunn/albums/72157602881332130/page1>
>     TR2
> Explore this photo album by David on Flickr!
> <https://www.flickr.com/photos/dgunn/albums/72157602881332130/page1>
> I tried to take pictures of everything, including the axle shaft 
> "pulled out" and "pushed in".  There's also pictures of the Bud shims.
> I have not attempted to take the right side off.  Just in case I am 
> doing something wrong; although, it is at the point where the axle 
> shaft should just pull out, and it doesn't.
> A last (for now) interesting note.  I acquired the TR2 from a friend 
> about 1985.  I drove it for about a year, then parked it and raised 
> kids.  I started my restoration about 2002, and finished a couple of 
> years later. As I said before, it has been parked again since about 
> 2011.  Of it's 67 year life, I have owned it for about 36 years, but 
> certainly not driving it.
> Thank you, in advance, for your help,
> David
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