[TR] TR2 Rear Brake Drum/Axle Success - Kind Of

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Thu Sep 2 17:12:22 MDT 2021

Hi All - Thanks for the suggestions, they are all greatly appreciated.  I liberally sprayed the offending drum with penetrating oil.  Due to the smoke and ash from the wildfires, I couldn't get back out to the shop for a couple of days.  But, when I did, it popped right off!  I didn't see any signs of massive rust, so I am guessing that it was just old oil, grease and misc road grime.  I will clean everything real well before I put it back together.
I then set about removing the axle shafts, as per the Service Instruction Manual for the TR2. (3d Edition, 6th printing).  I am also using the Haynes book for Triumphs. I have the earlier style of TR2 axle.  One interesting item to note:  when removing the nut and washer on the left side, I found 3 shims behind the washer.  They were made from a Budweiser can, so I know that they are not original.    Not sure why, but I will probably put them back.  The left side is not the side that was originally leaking.

I dismantled the brakes, took out the 4 bolts holding the hub to the axle casing, and expected to be able to just pull the axle shaft out, as the manual says. But nothing budged.  I then pounded a thin paint scraper between the hub and axle casing.  That was the only place that I could see where it could come apart.  It did, and I removed the hub, but no axle shaft.  The oil seal came out with the hub, but the wheel bearings are still attached somehow.  The axle shaft  does spin, and does push in and pull out about 1/4 inch, or less..  I thought the the bearing and seal and hub needed to be pressed onto the axle shaft.
I don't remember the specifics of replacing the oil seals previously.  Evidently, I ran into the same problem before, just installed the oil seals, and then reassembled.
In looking at the oil seal I just removed, it looks like part of it has never seen any oil.  It is completely dry.  Yes, I have kept the rear end full, and have greased the grease fitting.  Also, it does appear that the wheel bearings have been replaced before (not by me), as they are marked "made in the USA"  The reason I wanted to take the axle shaft out is twofold:  1)  I like to follow instructions, and that's what the manual said, and 2) I wanted to look at the wheel bearing.
So, what am I doing wrong? Why doesn't the axle shaft just slide out, as the manual says?  What am I missing?
I have taken some pictures, and have uploaded them to my Flickr site, in an album labeled "TR2".  They are at the end of the album.  I also included pictures of the rear axle drawings and instructions from the manual, plus "Service Diagnosis" (Troubleshooting).. The breather is, and has been, clean.

The link to that album is:  TR2

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I tried to take pictures of everything, including the axle shaft "pulled out" and "pushed in".  There's also pictures of the Bud shims.
I have not attempted to take the right side off.  Just in case I am doing something wrong; although, it is at the point where the axle shaft should just pull out, and it doesn't.
A last (for now) interesting note.  I acquired the TR2 from a friend about 1985.  I drove it for about a year, then parked it and raised kids.  I started my restoration about 2002, and finished a couple of years later. As I said before, it has been parked again since about 2011.  Of it's 67 year life, I have owned it for about 36 years, but certainly not driving it.

Thank you, in advance, for your help,

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