[TR] ZS CDSE needle carrier stripped - need suggestions

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Thanks Jonas.  I have replaced the adjustment screw, o-ring and retaining clip before so I am familiar with the process.  I have been reluctant to try Step 6, but it seems that with the grub screw out, it is possible to drive the entire works out, including the needle and carrier.  I may have to give that a try.  I have always been concerned about the internal threads on the needle carrier, but they may be more robust that I feared.   I appreciate the response.David Gill1976 TR6

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<!--#yiv2490053168 _filtered {} _filtered {}#yiv2490053168 #yiv2490053168 p.yiv2490053168MsoNormal, #yiv2490053168 li.yiv2490053168MsoNormal, #yiv2490053168 div.yiv2490053168MsoNormal {margin:0in;font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;}#yiv2490053168 a:link, #yiv2490053168 span.yiv2490053168MsoHyperlink {color:#0563C1;text-decoration:underline;}#yiv2490053168 span.yiv2490053168EmailStyle18 {font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;color:windowtext;}#yiv2490053168 .yiv2490053168MsoChpDefault {font-size:10.0pt;} _filtered {}#yiv2490053168 div.yiv2490053168WordSection1 {}-->There is a little lock washer type thing that holds this in place.  You’ll need to gently knock it out.  Very good instructions with photos here.  https://bowtie6.com/other/zenith-stromberg-carburetter-repair/  Jonas    From: Triumphs <triumphs-bounces at autox.team.net> On Behalf Of davgil at aol.com
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Subject: [TR] ZS CDSE needle carrier stripped - need suggestions  I was cleaning the float bowls and adjusting the float height in the carbs on my 1976 TR6.  Running too rich and I thought that was a good first step.  New diaphragms (the old ones were at least 25 years old and at least 1 was cracked), and I realized that I could not adjust the needle on my right carb.  I removed the grub screw but the needle adjuster is stuck and now it is stripped so that the adjustment tool just spins.  I cannot remove the needle carrier to drive out the adjuster and star lock washer.  I have it soaking in PB Blaster, but I suspect that the old o-ring (also over 25 years old) has glued the whole works together.  Anyone have an easy solution to removing this little brass irritation? David Gill1976 TR6. 
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