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Thanks Jack.  This was the first that I had heard about it.


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> Robert Goldman has been working only 1 day a week for a while now - he
> will still be an owner - another chairman may be named by the end of the
> year, but that's just a guess - of the 3 owners, i think Ed Moss is the
> only one that will still be active. Besides all that, the Goldman family
> owns all the land and buildings occupied by Moss Motors in the US and I
> don't think Robert or any other Goldman will be selling any of their Moss
> related assets anytime soon. This move has been in the works for a while
> and didn't surprise anybody at Moss and doesn't represent a major shake up
> at Moss.
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> smithwm845 at gmail.com writes:
> I received my copy of the latest Moss Motoring yesterday and noted the
> article by Ron Goldman saying he was leaving/retiring. Has anyone heard who
> will be replacing him as Chairman/ owner?
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