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John Macartney John.Macartney at Ukpips.org.uk
Sat Sep 26 12:29:57 MDT 2020

Can’t see the point of farting around using a mix of old and new pipe, especially where brakes are concerned. Fit new throughout.


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> On 24 Sep 2020, at 13:01, davgil at aol.com wrote:
> Good morning,
> I am going to replace the brake hose and pipes on my 1976 TR6.  I have looked at the Moss complete hose and pipe sets but have also considered buying bulk copper/nickel pipe and making my own pipes.  While I have never done this, a good friend of mine has extensive experience in this area and I feel he could cut the fittings off of my old pipes and install them on the new lines and bend the pipe as needed.  Is there a good reason not to go the bulk pipe route instead of buying a complete set of pipes?  I'm probably going to purchase a braided ss hose set to use with the new pipes.
> David Gill
> 1976 TR6 
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