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is the Pert hooked to the coil AFTER the ballast wire? paperwork says 12V not 6-9V after the ballast wire at the coil.
...coil ONLY if no ballast wire is used.


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robert rudolphi <robertrudolphi at yahoo.com> wrote:

Subject: [TR] What wires to i connect to my coil for my 74 TR6

>I have a really enjoying miss with my TR6 that I think is electrical. I recently bought a Pertronix ignitor electric ignition to replace the 30 year old Piranha . My question is what wires should I have attached to >my coil? Currently I have a white/yellow and Brown on the negative side and the Pertronix on the positive side.??


  Robert – 

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your miss 😉 (I presume spellcheck changed it from annoying).  Have you recently or ever had your distributor rebuilt/recurved?  I chased a miss for years and having the dizzy rebuilt/recurved by Advanced Distributors in MN fixed it.  Just a thought.

Dennis Culligan, Highland, NY 1976 TR6 CF57948U
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