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Excuse me, but it looks like your water pump pulley is missing the nut, and there should be a threaded stud protruding there too.  Just in case you may haven't noticed.
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> On Sep 10, 2020, at 2:31 PM, staffel <staffel at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi again Jim. Years ago modified my TR4 to 60 amp (?) Standard Delco alternator. I MODIFIED THE ORIGINAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR BOX, Keeping the Box in place so it looks original.Can send you pics of the regulator changed inside. I did  Document  and shared with this list at the time. And a couple members made some comments. I also  had a whole write up & pics on the web; but Comcast/ home.net didn't save my website when Comcast evolved ( no notifications) & all my jpegs were on floppy disks. 
> Dating the Mod. Had to be @ 1998-2000.
> Now the GM alternator comes with a  pulley that takes a thin belt. So I used & modified my original TR4 pulley to the shaft of the Delco alternator.
> Then I measured to find a belt that would work with the Alternator mounting brackets.
> I first found a farm tractor belt & had mm markings, but replaced with THIS NAPA BELT 25-24379.
> I need to do some cleanup & repainting but I used a threaded rod  with washers/nuts for the alternator pivot into the original TR block bracket on the bottom. For the top bracket I can't remember if it was the original TR generator bracket or one I sourced from an old GM Mercruiser 260 engine. But that's the easy part. The key was the pulley &  belt mod as I wanted to keep the TR4 original size  crank pulley & water pump pulley
> Sherman 
> If you want more pics, you have my cell 410-302-3930 & email.
> Sherman 
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