[TR] Embarrassing, but, stuck driver's door on GT6

Paul Tegler ptegler at verizon.net
Fri Sep 4 20:19:24 MDT 2020

with the supplied long thin red tube nozzle, spray a can of PB Blaster 
down the gap to soak the latch mechanism.  an overnight soak should free 
up the latch.
Smack the door ...hard... with your hip .... to crack the rust/latch loose.

My question though... how can the locals require you to get rid of the 
car?  Do you have tags on it?

At least in MD, (my county anyway?) a car can not be in sight of the 
road without tags on it. Hidden behind a fence only works if no neighbor 
can see it as well.
They don't usually enforce it unless a neighbor complains but no car can 
be parked  on a non-designed location EG: can't park them on the grass etc
Stored indoors they can not say anything.    why not just put historic 
or antique tags it and tell them to blow off!    ???

just wondering


On 9/4/2020 10:00 PM, Michael Porter wrote:
> On 9/4/2020 7:51 PM, John Innis wrote:
>> First, try unlocking the door with the key from outside.
> It's unlocked
>>   If the inside lock rod is broken, this will get you going.  If that 
>> does not work, I think you can get the inside panel off with door 
>> closed?  If so you can see if the local and latch rods are acting on 
>> the latch.
> The rods are working, for the interior door pull and the lock mechanism.
>>   If the rods are working the body may have sagged.  THis happens on 
>> the Spits but I am not aware of it on GT6's.  On the off chance that 
>> is what is happening, you could try jacking up the body on the 
>> drivers side and see if that frees up the door.
> I don't see a noticeable change in the door edge to rear quarter seam, 
> but, this does make me wonder if the car is twisted slightly since the 
> left rear tire is down a lot--almost flat.
> Thanks.  Cheers.
Paul Tegler
ptegler at verizon.net  www.teglerizer.com

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