[TR] Sealing block (TRF ref. 151134)

Bob yellowtr at adelphia.net
Sun Oct 25 12:43:04 MDT 2020


I replaced mine with a stainless steel version when I rebuilt my 72 
engine. Cant remember who was selling them but it was someone on this 
list or may have been on the 6 Pack forum of which I am no longer a member.

You might want to ping the 6 list as well.

I can't be the only one who used this upgrade.


On 10/25/20 1:52 PM, David Friedlander wrote:
> Hey all!
> Looks like I've got some stripped threads in the aluminum sealing block
> on my TR6. Anyone have one they'd care to sell me from a parted-out
> engine? I'd rather go with a new-to-me original piece than going the
> helicoil route.
> Thanks all!
> Dave Friedlander
> '74 Six
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