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For the record, I’m writing an article on this very subject for one of the US TRIUMPH clubs. It’s not yet finished and is too long to put on this list. It principally addresses how all European manufacturers dealt with the issue from 1968 onwards and I’m more than happy to send a copy to the editor of your own club if he wants it. I feel this could be a question many Triumph owners may have pondered who are not on the list. If you feel your editor would like to receive a copy for publication, please ask him to contact me. I’m very sorry to have to say that I no longer send out material to individuals as a few years ago, a nameless soul whose name I have not seen for quite a while, took some of my material and made it look as though he had written it. What he did not know is his Club editor knew me and sent me the material he’d been given to confirm if it was mine or not. It was, and I still had the paper trail to prove it. As I’m not sure if said offender is still in lurk mode here, this is why I’m restricting the issue method. Sorry all but that’s how it is.


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> On 15 Oct 2020, at 00:18, Sujit Roy <triumphstag at gmail.com> wrote:
> I recall in the UK new models or variants came out mid year. I'm thinking that in the US new models came out at the beginning of the year. Correct me if I am wrong.
> If this was the case, I'm assuming a Mk2 Stag was released in the UK mid year. Would US customers get the Mk2 earlier? 
> How did Triumph release new models for each region?
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