[TR] Battery troubles

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I had one like that many years ago but it said “Wizard” on the front since I bought it at a Western Auto store. Mine was a 3 amp unit, as well.  


After seeing that picture, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my other older chargers. The top charger is blue and labeled “Ford” but they were available from IH and Deere dealers, as well with appropriate logos. Comparing it to the machine in the bottom of the picture, I would say it’s a safe bet to assume it was made by Solar.


I use the little Balkamp unit for any overnight charging.


Alex Thomson


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Wow, mentioning the KMart charger made me walk out to the shop... yep, she's still there, still in the original box with the Kmart price sticker - but I can't read it. Forty years and counting, still works. I have several others (the late model BatteryMINDer is probably the favorite for me) but the old analog standby still comes in handy. And yes, the label says "3 AMP" - but if that analog gauge is correct, it pegs right up to the 6A level when first attached to a unit in need of a lot of juice.


 - Lee

On 2020-10-15 13:06, dave wrote: 

Funny you should mention this.

I have a battery charger that I bought from Kmart (remember them)
around 1978.  All steel construction with an analog gage in front.  It
still works great.

I purchased a modern charger about 10 years ago and it lasted only a
few years.

If you have a light timer, you can plug the charger into the timer and
let it charge only an hour or so a day.  Old tech + old tech beats new

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