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 What model is it?  I've looked at quite a few chargers and I am familiar with several, some of which I will never use again, others are great for some applications and not others, but most are really good.  But some have features others don't have.  Some just charge the battery, others will evaluate the battery.  How they make a determination that a battery is bad is pretty much up for grabs.  Did it tell you immediately the battery is bad or did it make the determination after a charge cycle?  Is it settable for the battery chemistry?  Lots of questions.

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My Tr4 hasn't gotten out at all this summer.   I put my new battery charger on it -  It's all electronic  vs my old one that just had a 3 position switch and an analog meter.
This new charger is quite fancy, it will tell you if the battery is connected backwards,  light a light with a bad battery, etc.  Trouble is I"m not sure I trust it.
I've had this thing tell me 4 batteries are bad.  I havent been driving my truck, my wife hasn't been driving her Z4,  and my mom's car battery showed bad as well....
I think I'm going to buy an old school charger and see what happens.  It's cheaper than buying one of the four batteries....
Or they just sat so long they died.....     Anyone have experience with those newer fancy chargers?  Any issues or concerns?
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