[TR] Alternator not charging battery - 1976 TR6

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 The oft overlooked return path.  Since the car is starting one would presume the ground is in good nick but perhaps he is relying on the alternate ground paths such as the throttle linkage and the choke cables.  But if they work well enough to run the starter motor they should be ample for the charging circuit.  

Just thinking out loud.
But this does raise the question.  When measuring the voltage where are the meter probes placed?  In particular the negative probe?  Is it on the engine block?  Battery negative terminal?  Bumper?  What happens if you measure the voltage difference between the engine block and the battery negative terminal?  This should be really close to zero.  

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Don't forget to check your grounds.  Had a similar issue with a buddys car years ago.  We replaced the battery, the alternator, etc, but problem persisted.  Eventually we found that the ground strap from the engine to the frame was loose.  Repaired that and all problems went away.

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   Here’s a synopsis – Almost new battery went dead. Charged battery and took car to shop. Meter shows alternator is not charging battery (only 12 volts, not 14.6 as per Dan Master’s book). Buy rebuilt alternator and the same thing happens.  Swap alternator for a second rebuilt unit – same thing, battery is not being charged. Tried 3 different meters – all showed 12 volts.  Hard to believe I got 2 bad rebuilt alternators.  What’s wrong??Dennis Culligan, 1976 TR6 ** triumphs at autox.team.net **

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