[TR] Alternator not charging battery - 1976 TR6

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Dave – 

    We checked that connection and it was clean and tight.  We are STILL not getting any voltage from the alternator to the battery.  We walked through the procedure in Dan Master’s book 3 times and every time, it points to a bad alternator which I had tested and it’s putting out over 13 volts (maybe not enough but more than 12). Why doesn’t this show up at the battery?

We even tested at the back of the alternator and it only shows 12 volts (?). 



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On the 76 TR6 (well all the CF series cars) the alternator output (brown) wire connects to the power tap on the positive battery positive cable with a 3/8 QC connector.  If this connector is not making good connection even a good alternator will not charge the battery.  Check that out before you spend any more money.





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   Here’s a synopsis – Almost new battery went dead. Charged battery and took car to shop. Meter shows alternator is not charging battery (only 12 volts, not 14.6 as per Dan Master’s book). Buy rebuilt alternator and the same thing happens.  Swap alternator for a second rebuilt unit – same thing, battery is not being charged. Tried 3 different meters – all showed 12 volts.  Hard to believe I got 2 bad rebuilt alternators.  What’s wrong??

Dennis Culligan, 1976 TR6 

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