[TR] rear seal

Paul Tegler ptegler at verizon.net
Tue Nov 24 20:59:09 MST 2020

simplest puller ever



for this style (just a simple pic grab) have never found a seal it 
wouldn't pull right out one handed


On 11/24/2020 10:05 PM, Randy and Valerie DeRuiter wrote:
> Dave-
> I've done this a few times, I think the hardest part of the job is 
> getting the old seal out.� Pick your favorite method, but I've settled 
> on using a tool I bought from Harbor Freight a couple of years�ago 
> which has worked well as a seal puller.
> Basic steps:
> 1) Unbolt driveshaft
> 2) Remove cotter pin from pinion castle nut
> 3) Hold flange (I bolt on a piece of angle iron to hold the flange 
> steady, and remove the castle nut.
> 4) Pull the old seal.
> The attached picture shows what I use, the hook catches the edge of 
> the seal and I hit the puller with a hammer to jar the seal loose.
> 5) Inspect the flange seal surface, and if its badly ridged consider 
> putting on a repair sleeve (99149 National, SKF or KWK99149 Timken)
> 6) Smear the new seal with something appropriate (I've used Permatex 
> 2), and drive the new seal back in using a large pipe or socket.
> 7� Install the flange and castle nut with new cotter pin.� Since there 
> is no collapsible spacer to worry about, the flange just gets torqued 
> back to factory settings (I think the factory manual says 85-100 ftlbs )
> Randy
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> Looking for advice from people who have installed the rear seal on a 
> TR3/4/4a engine.
> Mine leaks a lot and I�d like to at least slow it down.
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