[TR] Throwout bearing - grinding at midpoint of clutch engagement - GT6/TR6

aribert neumann aribertn at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 21:19:17 MST 2020

My Spit bodied GT6 (w/ a TR6 engine) has developed a thowout bearing
noise.  The noise is a deep metal on metal grinding noise.  Only
happens in the first few miles of travel (until something warms up a
bit?).  I began to hear it weeks ago but only identified it as clutch
related in the past week.  This is not a metal squeal from a dry
bearing.  It sounds more like the throwout bearing is grinding into
the pressure plate.  WHat is weird is that the noise is **only** near
the midpoint of clutch engagement.  There is no noise when the clutch
pedal is fully depressed.    I have prior experience with throwout
brgs that get dry and rattle/squeal anytime when engaging with the
pressure plate.  Any thoughts?  I have a few more days of driving the
car this week before I put the car away for the winter and can try any
diagnosis while driving.  I was not planning on doing any major work
on the Triumph this winter - looks like that plan just changed.

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