[TR] TR3A hood rattle woes

bill beecher notakitcar at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 1 09:02:01 MST 2020

Try isolating the stay rod. 


On Nov 1, 2020, at 9:15 AM, Jim Henningsen <trguy75 at gmail.com> wrote:

Ok, have had a bit of a challenge getting rid of a rattle at front of the
hood on the 3A.  I can't tell if it is the dzuz fasteners on the sides or
the main striker in the middle.  I put a rubber cap on the striker shaft and
that helped, but then it came back.  Any ideas?  Do the side fasteners need
a thin rubber washer between the hood and fastener underneath?
Any ideas appreciated.
Rattles in Ocala
Jim Henningsen

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