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Remember that in the past the year on the title was when the car was sold, not when it was manufactured.  Many titles do not match the actual year of manufacture as many sat waiting for transportation to the US, then transport to a deal and on the lot for a while waiting to be sold.

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Actually, if the vin was 14000, I think it would be late 1956.  Like I said, too much time on my hands.....

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I don't normally browse through BAT, but with all my many social activities (!) now on hold, I did take a look today.

Is anyone familiar with the 1957 small-mouth TR3 currently listed (lot 29535) ?  None of my business, I know, but it always bugs me when I see a "1957 small-mouth" with door handles.  No Vin listed but a "chassis number" of 14421 would be a 1957 if it were a vin, but then the car wouldn't have the rear turn lights.

I'm not accusing anyone of nefarious dealing, but an explanation might be nice...

Andrew Uprichard
Jackson, MI
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