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andrew uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Sat Mar 21 09:11:45 MDT 2020

Actually, if the vin was 14000, I think it would be late 1956.  Like I said,
too much time on my hands...


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I don't normally browse through BAT, but with all my many social activities
(!) now on hold, I did take a look today.


Is anyone familiar with the 1957 small-mouth TR3 currently listed (lot
29535) ?  None of my business, I know, but it always bugs me when I see a
"1957 small-mouth" with door handles.  No Vin listed but a "chassis number"
of 14421 would be a 1957 if it were a vin, but then the car wouldn't have
the rear turn lights.


I'm not accusing anyone of nefarious dealing, but an explanation might be


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, MI

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