[TR] transmission and oil pan

Alex & Janet Thomson aljlthomson at charter.net
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I bought a dozen or two high-strength circular magnets at the hardware store
and I’ve placed those in the engine, hydraulic and transmission drain plugs
of many of my older tractors. Most of those machines use a ¾” NPT pipe plug
and the magnet fits very snugly in the recess of the plug. I’m not worried
about the magnet “escaping” and getting tangled up with moving parts. I’ve
also JB welded a few of those magnets onto the 1” flat drain plugs that
newer machines use. They definitely capture a lot of “swarf”, especially in
the transmission area.


I went to an Ace hardware store who had them but I don’t think they stock
them anymore. This might be another source.


Magnet-Set-of-20-1-5341-20.axd   Unfortunately, these magnets might be too
big for a ½” pipe plug or whatever the size may be. A local hardware store
may be able to special order them.


Maybe NAPA stores can order magnetic drain plugs in a NPT size.


Alex Thomson


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Does anyone have a link to a magnetic plug for the transmission and oil pan
for a TR4/TR6?  Or know what size it is?  Looks like standard pipe thread to


I’m thinking it would be good to replace the standard plugs I have in there
with a set of those.

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