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The starter solenoid is on the car.  It works fine but since the switch
disconnects power to the car, the electric fuel pump, and the ignition coil,
that's not going to get the car started.


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That's where I would start, take apart and clean to see of that makes the
difference.  Of course, double check the wiring connections first for any


Just an observation, the TR3 style solenoid had the remote-start button so
you would not have to run-and-bump should the switch fail.  Real handy when
working under the bonnet as well.


Bill B.



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Recently the starter switch seemed to fail.  I got in it and no power
nothing.  I put my hand under the switch and pushed on the wires, then it
started up and ran.


Yesterday again no power.  We pushed the car across the alley and over a few
bumps into my driveway.  Then it had power.


Does it sound like the switch is bad?  Likely it's the original switch.  The
car did sit for 25 years in a warehouse before I got it about 10 years ago.


Should I get another switch?  Try to repair the existing?  Maybe take it
apart (can I do that?) and clean it?


Anyone run into this?

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