[TR] distributor advance

Peter Arakelian PeterAra at msn.com
Mon Mar 2 20:05:31 MST 2020

>>your empirical data has to be flawed<<

Gee, really hard to mess up reading a timing light before and after changing springs.  Only been doing it for 50 years or so, but even if I do it incorrectly, as long as I do it the same each time the TRUTH is the timing advanced 10-15 degrees with the newer springs.
Perhaps we are looking at this backwards.   Let's say the weights move out the same amount no matter what springs are used.  the springs pull upon a part of the distributor and advance the timing.  How strong is the resistance of the part on the distributor that advances?  I suspect not very, in which case the stronger springs will pull the distributor part sooner advancing the timing sooner.
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