[TR] 62 TR4 tires

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How about 205 / 50?  Found some nice ones at a good price


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I have 15 inch wire wheels, 5" wide, 72 spoke.  Its an early TR4 in the 9000
commission number range.


I just checked my date code and YIKES!!!  Its 2011!!!!!


Needless to say I'm in for new tires.


These have less than 5,000 miles on them.  But - I bought the car which had
sat for 25+ years, and put new tires on it so I could drive it after
rebuilding the hydraulics, etc.  Realized the rings were shot but life
intervened.  Several years later I put 89 mm pistons in it and started
driving it.


Now its today and I need new tires again.  Its got 185 / 65 on it now; I'm
wondering how wide I can go?  Obviously tread life is not a concern!!!  And
the car is far from stock; the first and second owners replaced the
generator and did a lot of performance mods.  This is Dallas; I try not to
drive in inclement weather and obviously snow is not an issue.  So I'm
looking at "high performance summer tires."

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