[TR] How to tell the size of bolt or setscrew from the part number?

Sujit Roy triumphstag at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 10:47:19 MDT 2020

I've been trying to figure this out, but am at a loss. Please help

I have a part number in my parts book.  I also have the standard Triumph
parts list.


HU is set screw and I'm assuming is fully threaded.
HB on the other hand is a bolt and has a shoulder
I'm assuming the 9 is the bolt diameter.  Am I on the right track?
What is the 1 and 0 and can I tell from it, if it is a NC or NF thread?

I'm aware later Triumph switched the part no. system and that system is
more confusing.
Regards, Sujit
Sujit Roy
Cupertino, California

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