[TR] How can we help Mié ?

Paul Dorsey dorpaul1 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 11:25:05 MDT 2020

I never took him up on it, but, Randall offered to repair my steering wheel
for free. Was it he or  “FT“ who made the slip about ‘fluif' ?   I’m sure A
lot of people have much better story’s then that one.

Perhaps my greatest claim to fame with this group is that I once corrected
Randall when he made an accidental mistake Once.  I doubt the guy ever made
many mistakes!

I Rode A couple of miles In a running  Triumph once in my life; this Is to
say, that I don’t know too much about the car. My history with this group
is as a fly on the wall.   I never got to meet Randall although I did shake
hands with Fred Thomas in Richmond!

Paul Dorsey 60 TR3
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