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Bob yellowtr at adelphia.net
Wed Jul 8 16:14:49 MDT 2020

Sent this to Dave directly and forgot to CC the list



My 63 4 squeal from time to time. Most of the time is when they have not 
been applied for awhile. The more pressure I apply as I come to a stop, 
the less squeal. I have the shims installed. My 58 3 does not squeal. 
Different pads maybe? My 72 6 does not squeal at all. But I installed 
those drilled rotors. I am not sure if the drilled rotors are available 
for the early 4s.

I figure as long as they stop me and dont leak I am good to go.


On 7/8/20 5:50 PM, dave wrote:
> We put new brake pads in our 62 TR4, greased them up (just one side!), 
> and did the break in instructions.
> They are squealing.  Greased them again; they still squeal.
> I don’t have shims; perhaps that will solve it?
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