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I use the HF 5 lb tumbler with their green rust cutting resin. I use a timer with it and run it for about 2 hours (in the garage with the door closed - it's noisy!). I actually just bought (on eBay) a second tumbler bowl so I can put a polishing media in it to get shinier hardware. And before I use the tumbler, I the HF 2.4L Ultrasonic cleaner with a 50/50 blend of Simple Green and water. I let the mixture heat up and run it for 2-3 cycles of 8 minutes each. That effortlessly gets rid of all the grease and grime.

I like to use the original bolts and nuts where possible. They are usually very good quality. I never reuse lock washers or nyloc nuts.





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has anyone used a tumbler to clean nuts and bolts?  i see eastwood and harbor freight both have them

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